I write about travel

I have travelled extensively across Europe, South America, Asia and New Zealand, and I write regular travel articles for the flight-comparison site Skyscanner.

I lived in Japan for two years, where I was editor of the magazine JETfuel. I also wrote a blog about my Japanese experiences: An Englishman in Nyu-Gun.


I was heavily involved with the Skyscanner ‘100 Cities’ project: I wrote guides to London, Buenos Aires, Prague, Tokyo and Havana, among other cities. I also wrote many of the guides on the best places to visit in each month of the year.

I regularly write the ‘flight deals of the week’ article, as well as rejigging old articles for better SEO and contributing features on places to visit. Below are a few examples of my work.

Top 15 attractions and things to do in Marrakech

Plunge into the friendly chaos of Marrakech and you won’t be disappointed. Here are the best things to do in Morocco’s most popular city break destination… (read more)

IMG_0934Top 10 things to do in Japan

There are thousands of islands in the Japanese archipelalago, which extends for over 3,000 kilometres from icy Hokkaido all the way down to the idyllic tropical islands off the coast of Taiwan.

So, depending on the time of year and the particular island you stop off at, you might be stomping through metres of snow or sweltering in 35-degree heat, and the range of activities on offer is just as varied as the climate. Geeks are well catered for in the otaku heaven that is Tokyo, while Kyoto appeals to the more spiritual with its dozens of serene temples, and the love hotels of Osaka showcase Japan’s quirkier side… (read more)

Top 10 things to do in London

London holds infinite possibilities for all tastes, from riotous nights out to fascinating trips back into history.

The list of things to do in the UK’s capital city is almost endless. Obvious choices include the Tower of London, Harrods and Buckingham Palace, but there are also hundreds of amazing experiences to be had away from these well-trodden tourist routes… (read more)

How to have a family holiday for less than £500

It’s not too late to book your August family holiday! We’ve found five holidays in Europe that will set you back less than £500 for flights and accommodation for a family of four, plus a few essentials for any family getaway; ice cream and beer. Check out these amazing value family holidays and read on for tips on how to make your money stretch a bit further this summer… (read more)


Top 9 things to do in Auckland

With a population of over 1.3 million, Auckland is by far New Zealand’s biggest city, with more than six times the number of people in the capital, Wellington.

As such, it offers all of the things you’d expect in a big city, from fancy restaurants to superb art galleries. But as this is New Zealand, you’re also just a stone’s throw away from nature at all times – a trip over the bay reveals a sanctuary for birds, and you might just meet a few dolphins on the way… (read more)

Photo: Siyamalan, CC BY 2.0

090Top 9 things to do in Washington DC

Sightseeing is easy in Washington DC – almost all of the major attractions, from the US Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial, are laid out along a park running through the centre of the city. There’s even a spaceship a few hundred metres from the White House.

But really getting to know the city means striking off the beaten path to find some local hangouts, whether that’s sampling some craft beer or tracking down the best burrito in town. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of the US capital… (read more)

8200850965_2081ca2f62_kTop 9 things to do in Florence

Florence is packed full of Rennaissance treasures wherever you look, from its unparalleled cathedral to the medieval bridge, which still plays host to a parade of shops, Middle Ages-style.

But for all its grandeur, it has an undeniable quirkiness – as shown by the secret passage running across the aforementioned bridge (so the ruling Medicis wouldn’t be seen by the public). And let’s not forget the bronze boar with the lucky mouth… (read more)

Photo: Stuart Caie, CC BY 2.0

Top 9 things to do in Buenos Aires

It’s become a cliché to call Buenos Aires the ‘Paris of the south’, but the city has an undeniably European feel. However, look past the Art Nouveau architecture and the café culture and you’ll find a throbbing Latin underbelly fired by football and all-night tango sessions… (read more)

IMG_1310Top 9 things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki may very well be the most pleasant city in Europe. With a population of just half a million people and some stunning Art Nouveau architecture, it’s a pleasure to just wander the uncrowded streets of Finland’s capital.

But perhaps the real reason to visit this city is the food – it boasts some amazing traditional dishes and fantastic food markets, as well as an innovative pop-up restaurant scene. Oh, and it’s also got a sea fortress. More on that in a minute… (read more)

IMG_0816Top 9 things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city where the hyper-new sits comfortably alongside the incredibly ancient, seemingly without conflict. Even the new 18-metre-tall robot on Odaiba Island originally comes from a 1979 animation.

It’s a city where you can see the second tallest structure in the world on the same day as visiting a 1,400 year-old temple. Or eat sushi delivered by robot train for lunch and chow down in a traditional wood-framed okonomiyaki restaurant for dinner. But the biggest problem is probably choosing what do see and do in this seemingly endless urban sprawl.

Well, it’s a good thing we’re here with this article then, isn’t it? (read more)

10 cheap beach holidays in Turkey

Turkey is perfect for a low-cost beach holiday: a beer in the clubland resort of Marmaris will set you back just £2.27*, and a bottle of water is just 45p. There’s plenty of cheap accommodation, too: a three-star hotel in the same resort can cost as little as £45 per night. We’ve put together a guide to ten of the best beach resorts in Turkey, from hidden coves to party havens, along with the best places to stay… (read more)

Museum-of-CommunismTop 7 things to do in Prague

Thanks to its reputation as the home of absinthe, riotous clubs and cheap (but very good) beer, Prague has earned a name as a party town and stag do destination.

But first and foremost it’s a medieval city of fairytale castles and narrow streets that has miraculously survived intact into the 21st century. And the city’s more recent history, from its central role in the overthrow of Communism to the way it shaped the books of Franz Kafka, proves just as fascinating as its ancient roots. Oh, and it’s also home to mechanical urinating statues and levitating babies. Read on and all will be revealed as we guide you through the top things to do in this magical city… (read more)

havana-woman-with-cigarTop 10 things to do in Havana

Whether you’re on the trail of Che Guevara or you just want to kick back and relax to some scintillating Cuban music, Havana has plenty to offer. We’ve picked out the top 10 essential things to do in the most captivating city in the Caribbean. Viva Habana!

1. Drink a mojito. You can’t say you’ve truly tried a mojito until you’ve drunk one in Cuba. Pretty much every bar and restaurant offers them, and for a fraction of the price you’re used to back home. And damn do they taste good. Most places will pour in obscenely generous measures of rum, topped with lashings and lashings of brown sugar, resulting in an intensely sweet, alcoholic drink that will have you dancing on the tables in no time… (read more)

Praia_da_Marinha_(2012-09-27),_by_Klugschnacker_in_Wikipedia_(1)10 best beaches in Portugal: in pictures

The mega resorts of the Algarve are famous for their white sands, but there are some even more amazing beaches hidden away from the packed tourist hubs.

From rugged surfing coves to idyllic hidden gems, here are the top 10 beaches in Portugal, in glorious pictures… (read more)

Photo: Klugschnacker, CC BY-SA 3.0