I copy-edit science journals

I began working as a scientific copy-editor in 2007. I received extensive training in scientific copy-editing at Elsevier and Nature, and I was previously the Copy-Editing Manager at Nature Reviews. I have worked on numerous journals, including New Scientist, Nature and the Trends journals.


I’ve been working as a freelance sub editor for Nature since 2013. I copy-edit ‘front-half’ material: that is, features, news articles, editorials, comments, correspondence and various other news items both online and in print. Below are a few examples of the articles I’ve copy-edited.

New Scientist

As with Nature, I provide freelance sub-editing cover for New Scientist as and when required. I’ve copy-edited online and print features, news articles, news snippets, book reviews and comment articles as part of the sub-editing team, as well as proofreading the brochure for the New Scientist Live 2017 exhibition and the regular weekly newsletter.

Nature Supplements

I’ve copy-edited several supplements to Nature, including Outlooks, Insights and White Papers.

Nature Reviews

I was the Copy-Editing Manager at Nature Reviews for more than two years, and I have undertaken copy-editing and proofreading for all seven of the life-science titles (listed below).

Nature Research Journals

I have copy-edited articles for several of the Nature research journals, including Chemical Biology, Nature Genetics, Nature Neuroscience and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

Trends Journals

I worked at the Elsevier-owned Trends journals for two years, and I have undertaken freelance work for journals such as Trends in Biotechnology and Trends in Neuroscience.

Drug Discovery Today

I have provided freelance copy-editing services for this Elsevier-owned review journal.

Genetics in Medicine & Pediatric Research

I checked the copy-editing on outsourced manuscripts for these journals.