I copy-edit science journals

I began working as a scientific copy-editor in 2007, and I’m a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. I received extensive training in scientific copy-editing at Elsevier and Nature, and I was previously the Copy-Editing Manager at Nature Reviews. I have worked on numerous journals, including New Scientist, Nature and the Trends journals.


I’ve been working as a freelance sub editor for Nature since 2013, and I’m currently on a zero-hours contract to provide freelance cover for the sub-editing team as required. I copy-edit ‘front-half’ material: that is, features, news articles, editorials, comments, correspondence and various other news items both online and in print. Below are a few examples of the articles I’ve copy-edited.

How secret conversations inside cells are transforming biology

Organelles — the cell’s workhorses — mingle far more than scientists ever appreciated… (read more).

How 2D semiconductors could extend Moore’s law

The fight for control over virtual fossils

A murdered teen, two million tweets and an experiment to fight gun violence

The key to a happy lab life is in the manual

Global warming tops the agenda as climate brings down a third Australian prime minister

How digital drug users could help to halt the US opioid epidemic

Preprints could promote confusion and distortion

New Scientist

As with Nature, I provide freelance sub-editing cover for New Scientist as and when required. I’ve copy-edited online and print features, news articles, news snippets, book reviews and comment articles as part of the sub-editing team, as well as proofreading the brochure for the New Scientist Live 2017 exhibition and the regular weekly newsletter.

Food made from natural gas will soon feed farm animals – and us

All of the food you’ve ever eaten was made with sunlight captured by plants just a few months or years before you ate it. But some of the energy on your plate could soon come from sunlight captured by plants millions of years ago, thanks to plans to feed livestock with fossil fuels… (read more)

‘I’m more confident’: Paralysed woman’s life after brain implant

Video games become a political platform as the US election looms

Pirate party prepares for first major win in Iceland elections

Chimps and bonobos interbred and exchanged genes

Nature Supplements

I’ve copy-edited several supplements to Nature, including Outlooks, Insights and White Papers.

Nature Outlook: Gene Therapy

After a roller-coaster ride of hype and disappointment, the decades-long effort to cure diseases by repairing or replacing faulty genes is starting to yield useful treatments. Diseases that have defied treatment could be reversed by a one-time fix to a faulty gene… (read more)

Nature Outlook: Lymphoma

Nature Outlook: Brain Cancer

Naturejobs Career Guide: China

Nature Outlook: Energy Transitions

Nature Outlook: Liver Cancer

Nature Reviews

I was the Copy-Editing Manager at Nature Reviews for more than two years, and I have undertaken copy-editing and proofreading for all seven of the life-science titles (listed below).

Nature Reviews Cancer

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Nature Reviews Genetics

Nature Reviews Immunology

Nature Reviews Microbiology

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology

Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Nature Research Journals

I have copy-edited articles for several of the Nature research journals, including Chemical Biology, Nature Genetics, Nature Neuroscience and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

Trends Journals

I worked at the Elsevier-owned Trends journals for two years, and I have undertaken freelance work for journals such as Trends in Biotechnology and Trends in Neuroscience.

Genetics in Medicine & Pediatric Research

I checked the copy-editing on outsourced manuscripts for these journals.